Friday, February 22, 2008

Budget Travel

Yesterday over lunch I told my favorite aunt and uncle about my pending trip to Italy. My uncle has travelled to Europe several times for business, so we chatted about some of his favorite cities.

"I want to take you to Paris one day, my love," he said to my aunt in a goofy, sweet way. "I want to show you the world!"

"I've got nothing to complain about, darling," she said back, equally as joking. "Think about all the times we've been to Busch Gardens!"

"I suppose you're right, dear! Germany, France, Ireland... all with one $65 admission fee."

"Let us not forget your trips to Epcot Center!" I joined in.

"That's right! Japan, India..."

"You see honey, you have shown me the world," she smiled in a playful, serene way. "One log flume at a time."


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