Saturday, May 22, 2010


His version:

Eagle Eye Cherry, Save Tonight
go on and close the curtains
'cause all we need is candlelight
you and me ... and the bottle of wine
and hold you tonight [ ohh ]

well we know i'm going away
and how i wish - i wish it weren't so
so take this wine and drink with me
let's delay our misery

save tonight and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow - tomorrow i'll be gone
save tonight and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow - tomorrow i'll be gone

there's a log on the fire
and it burns like me for you
tomorrow comes with one desire
to take me away [ ohh it's true ]

it ain't easy to say good bye
darling please - don't start to cry
'cause girl you know i've got to go
and Lord i wish it wasn't so

save tonight and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow - tomorrow i'll be gone
save tonight and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow - tomorrow i'll be gone

tomorrow comes to take me away
i wish that i - that i could stay
but girl you know i've got to go
and Lord i wish weren't so

save tonight and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow - tomorrow i'll be gone

My version:

India Arie, Long Goodbye

I say I love you
You say that's kind
You don't wanna get too close
You loved me crazy
I lost my mind


You're everything I never wanted
And all the things I didn't need
This ain't who I wanna be
You don't have to stay forever
I'll take passion over pride
Full moon, high tide
Let's make it a long goodbye
Tomorrow we'll pick up the pieces
Try to mend our broken lives
Soft kiss, sweet lies
Let's make it a long goodbye

I cried in silence
I lived through you
I've given everything away
And maybe I can learn to fall
For someone who can give me all
The things I"m not afraid to lose

Whenever you see lonely faces
That's where I'll be
Don't cry for me, no no no no
Don't cry for me, don't cry for me yeah yeahhhh

Hey, don't cry for me, no no no
I'm gonna be okay

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Awesome stuff going on/coming up around here as spring springs and summer is right around the corner. Some things that I'm looking forward to -

- Going home for a flash trip in for few days for my Grandfather's 80th birthday party. Other funs included in that weekend will be the first Follies Girls' Dinner in waaay too long, Luke's birthday party at Stacey's house, and seeing Richmond's baseball team play (despite the horrifically stupid mascot name - the Squirrel. Shudder.)

- Brandi Carlile concert at the end of June at Mountain Winery

- Mom and Lefty coming in September

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A very. Good. Date.

You know, the kind where he's tall. And where you look into each other's eyes all night, and are comfortable there. And where you finish each other's sentences. And where you are immediately smiling, just being in each other's presence. And where when he kisses you at the end of the night, it's hot, and passionate, and you both want more. Which is amazing, because it's been a while since it's been like that - where you were even comfortable kissing someone the first time you met them. Where you didn't feel like you had to constantly run defense because the reality was, you didn't want to be kissing that person. Nope, not on this date. On this date you were dying to keep kissing him, do dig your fingers into his arms while he pressed against you. Your eyes automatically clenched shut, and didn't open until a few seconds after it was over.

It was a good date.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

See, this is why I have them

Me: I don't know, guys. He was cute, super attentive, and seemed really sweet... but he's unemployed right now.

Friends: (Without missing a beat) Kinda like you were 4 months ago?

Me: (blink, blink) Ok, I'll go to out with him.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Grace in Small Things

1. A freshly made, lavender fabric softener scented bed.

2. The coziness that settles in when it starts to get dark early.

3. Pumpkin muffins.

4. Library books.

5. Lazy Sundays where you don't leave the house.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loving my crooked neighbors with my own crooked heart

Monday I left my apartment at 8am, darting to the airport to board a 10am flight to Palm Springs for the day to represent my winery at a small tasting event. It was a long day, but a fun way to break up the monotony of a normal work week. When back to the airport at 6pm to board my first flight of the two-legged journey home, I checked a voice mail from my next door neighbor, which announced that they were making a 5 pound leg of lamb for dinner, and did I want to come over?

DAMN. THE. LUCK. I wasn't due to land back in San Francisco until about 10pm, so was doomed to a very rushed fast food airport dinner, at best. I returned the call, having to decline the invite, or so I thought.

"Well," my neighbor cheerily replied, "I'll be up all night working on a document for work, so when you get home come on over for a lamb sandwich if you want." I practically teared up at the relief of not having to stuff a very unappetizing Burger King meal into my mouth during my thirty minute layover.

So at 10:30 my weary body climbed the stairs of their porch and I knocked on the door. The house still smelled like lamb, and five minutes later I had sunk down on the couch, lamb sandwich and glass of red wine in hand. My neighbor took a much needed work break, and flipped the TV to a recorded episode of the Colbert Report, and we chatted while I ate, relaxed and happy.

I don't remember the exact context, but somewhere in the show there was a quote about "loving your crooked neighbors with your own crooked heart". That night, as with many of the nights of the last year living here, I felt so grateful for the block that I moved onto, and the wonderful friends I have found in my neighbors. To be welcomed in, taken care of after a day of weary travel, was indescribably valuable to me that night. And this was not an unusual occurrence around here - this is just how we roll. We really do love and take care of each other on this block.

It's awesome to feel so at home at home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There I am, sipping coffee and innocently checking my email this morning, and suddenly this image pops up on my screen, courtesy of the MZ Wallace list that I am on:

It's just not fair, internet. Because now I want one. Bad. Look at the beautiful fall plum color, and the chic woman inspecting pumpkins... That could totally be me! I love plum colored bags and pumpkins too.

Sigh. Does anyone have $345 I can borrow? Actually, no wait. I already have one MZ Wallace. If I'm going to borrow $345, I'd probably use it towards a Rebecca Minkoff instead...