Saturday, August 26, 2006

The struggle between palate and waistline

My job is a foodie's dream. I literally spend all day driving around, hanging out with different restaurant people. It's not unusual to be treated to lavish lunches by my clients or boss. When I'm off work, there are many cases of getting together with other food and wine people and going to town, really enjoying everything that this small city's eclectic restaurant scene has to offer.

It truly is amazing. A dream come true. What I was made to do.

However, my waistline seems to disagree.

It's been just over a month, and my clothes are already significantly more snug. It's awfully disappointing to be hitting your career stride and realizing that your late-20's body just can't keep up with all of your gastronomical endeavors. Clearly some rules will have to be made.

1. Obviously, workouts will be kicked up a notch.

2. When with others, I will indulge. When grabbing a quick lunch or dinner by myself, it will be modest and healthy.

3. No more keeping my freezer stocked with Edy's Drumstick Flavor.

4. (How do I say this one without sounding like an alcoholic?) When home for the evening, no more than one glass of wine - no matter how delicious my samples were that day.

And this weekend, I'm on detox. Instead of going out, I will be semi-hibernating, working on writing, not spending money, and eating healthily.

Good plan. I look forward to my clothes fitting like they used to.


Anonymous Beth said...

Just do everything in moderation and you're cool.

I think you have to give yourself one little treat every day or else you'll go crazy!

I'm contemplating having a month of deprivation so that when I return to treating myself, I actually appreciate it!

4:54 PM  

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