Thursday, August 10, 2006

No time to blog makes Rees a sad girl

So lately I've had tons of great ideas for blog posts. TONS. I swear.

Like the customer of mine who acts like he hates me, but keeps buying everything I bring him to taste.

Or the one other sales rep that I've met who was kinda competitive and jerky, and how after all of that the client that we were both waiting to see ignored him and only talked to me.

Or how this past weekend spent at the Outer Banks left me constantly flooded with memories of all of the summers that we vacationed there when I was a kid.

But I haven't been able to write about any of these things! First it was too hot in my apartment to do anything but sleep when I was here. Now I'm too ridiculously busy with the new (amazing) job, the pending wine column with these guys, and being in charge of beverages for a 500 person black tie event in November to even think of organizing thoughts into a halfway decent post.

Please keep checking back, because I swear I'll start writing more soon!


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