Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cheese and angels on a Thursday night

More than a little tipsy last week after sharing a cheese plate and some Ugni Blanc with my Favorite Foodie Friend, we chatted with the owner of one of the most respected restaurants in town.

Frits is originally from the Netherlands and has a background in the hotel business. He is also a very accomplished French chef, and recently made it into the top 20 of the James Beard nominations for this region. His restaurant is expensive, and intimidating to many, but he is down-to-earth, generous, an avid reader, and a lot of fun. He is always up for a drink, and forever trying to set me up with his son. In short, I adore him.

Last week he spoke a bit of his late father, and shared with us one of his favorite quotes that he used when talking about wine.

"Frits," he used to say, "this wine is so good, it's like an angel tinkled in my tongue."

Maybe I let him at least introduce me to his son. This sounds like a family that I could slide right into.


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