Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tasting Room Do's and Don'ts

Don't grab the bottles and pour for yourself.

Were you raised in a barn? Would you do that at a bar? Are you aware that it's illegal?

What's weird is that I've actually had all walks of people do this. It's not just rowdy young people - once I had a matronly old Southern lady just help herself.

It even gets on my nerves if people pick up the open bottles to just inspect them more closely. I know that some people are just curious, and that this is probably one of those unreasonable pet peeves that people in customer service develop. But it annoys me. If you want to see a bottle, ask politely and I will happily hand you an unopened one to fondle to your heart's content.

Do wait patiently for your turn. Sorry if it's a busy time. Deal with it like a civilized person.


Anonymous Diane said...

You should TOTALLY write a blog JUST about the fools that go wine tasting! REALLY! How hilarious would that be?!

8:20 AM  

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