Sunday, May 31, 2009

Necessities & other stuff

When a long overdue scuba diving trip to Mexico with a buddy takes my BF out of town for a week, a few days from when I'm due to pick him up from the airport I start fantasizing. But not about the normal things. I don't picture myself running into his arms, I don't envision the fire-storm of "I love you's" that are sure to come my way, I'm not thinking about what will happen once we get home... My thoughts go a little something like this -

"I can't wait for him to try the strawberry jam that I made this week!"

"He's going to want a big glass of milk when he gets home and there won't be any in the 'fridge."

"Are we going to need eggs for Sunday breakfast?"

That's right. I'm daydreaming all week long of the food that I will greet him with. So as the time to pick him up comes near, my list gets longer and longer. The list of things that will be in the grocery bag, that is.

-homemade strawberry jam
-a frozen pizza
-one really good chocolate bar
-a jar of pesto that I made from his basil plant that I was left in charge of for the week
-a batch of his favorite lemon-poppyseed muffins that I whipped up right before I left for the airport

The idea was that it would be a mixed bag of necessities so that he wouldn't feel like he had to rush to the grocery store immediately, and treats to make him happy to be home.

Of course, my list ended up begetting the other things that would have been forefront on most other people's minds. The kisses, the I love you's, the stuff later... Oh, and some surprises of my own in the form of a beautiful turquoise necklace and some rich Mexican chocolate.

I think it's safe to say we're getting to know each other's desires pretty well.


Anonymous Diane said...

I love that you constantly talk about food! YUM! Girl after my own heart!

3:26 PM  

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