Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grace in Small Things - Day 3... Alternately titled "Have I really only done this three times so far?"

1. Tapas food

2. Upcoming visitors

3. VH-1's new show "Tool Academy". Seriously, have you guys watched this one yet? It's priceless.

4. My daily supply of sweet tarts, salt water taffy, and miniature Mr. Goodbars from the old ladies who own the candy store next door. (Sadly, my mid-section is not as grateful for this one.)

5. Riding the ferry as often as possible

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loving my horoscope today

For years now, MSN has been kind enough to email me a personalized horoscope every morning so that I can read it when I wake up. No, I don't take it very seriously, but it's fun, and some days I really love them. Like today -

Have love matters been causing you excessive strain for a while now, Erin? If so, you can expect that to end now. Someone you love very deeply reciprocates your feelings, and if there are differences between you, is very anxious to resolve them and look towards the future. This relationship will probably succeed - IF you go in with eyes wide open. Don't have unrealistic expectations of your partner. Learn to love human flaws as much as perfections.

Sometimes it really does seem to mirror my life, and they're nice little reminders in the morning of how to approach things.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grace in Small Things - Day Two

1. My Napa overnight tonight, and the fact that I have such easy access to a place that makes me feel centered and happy.

2. This article about indie bookstores that thrive.

3. Wandering around in said bookstores.

4. Morning powerwalks with my new neighbor.

5. Freshly grinding really good coffee in the morning, even if I never end up drinking all that I make.

Monday, January 12, 2009

See? It's already working. Snippets.

Me: Have you ever noticed that we each religiously hang our toilet paper in the opposite directions?

Him: Yes, actually I have. My way is right.

Me: Nuh-uh!! Hello? Every hotel and every etiquette book - dropping from the top is clearly right.

Him: Nope. I have a very good reason for why you're supposed to have it dropping from the bottom.

Me: Let's hear it.

Him: (dead serious) I remember seeing an episode of, um... Oh, something Family... The crazy old lady when I was a little kid... Uh...

Me: Mama's Family???

Him: Yeah! I remember an seeing an episode of that show where they made reference to that being the right way to have your toilet paper. Dropping from the bottom.

Me: That is the basis for, not only your compulsion to put your toilet paper that way, but also for this argument? A stupid, redneck show from the '70s that you couldn't even remember the name of?

Him: (grinning) Yep! See? My way is right.

Me: (snuggling into his arm crook) Wow. This is the easiest argument I've ever won.

Grace in Small Things - Day One

Clearly I've been completely unmotivated to write lately. First, things were to stressful to deal with it, and now things are too blissful to bother with it. But I'd like to get back into the swing. Really.

So I decided to steal an idea from Helen Jane, who stole the idea from this girl, and while I'm not even going to attempt to do it 365 days in a row, I'm hoping to do it fairly regularly, and that this fairly regular exercise will spark a voice somehow. So here goes!

1. My window seats

2. New culinary challenges (tomorrow, chicken stock)

3. The daisies on my kitchen table

4. Letting my cat outside for her daily adventures in the backyard

5. A $10 Cote du Rhone

Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm currently all about -

- The Sausalito Public Library

- Blue Bottle Coffee
- Walking to work

- Reading in my window seats

- My new flat brown boots

- Hiding from the rain

- Tropisueno

- Planning my mom's next visit

- Chatting with people on Facebook

- Using my Crockpot