Saturday, April 10, 2010

A very. Good. Date.

You know, the kind where he's tall. And where you look into each other's eyes all night, and are comfortable there. And where you finish each other's sentences. And where you are immediately smiling, just being in each other's presence. And where when he kisses you at the end of the night, it's hot, and passionate, and you both want more. Which is amazing, because it's been a while since it's been like that - where you were even comfortable kissing someone the first time you met them. Where you didn't feel like you had to constantly run defense because the reality was, you didn't want to be kissing that person. Nope, not on this date. On this date you were dying to keep kissing him, do dig your fingers into his arms while he pressed against you. Your eyes automatically clenched shut, and didn't open until a few seconds after it was over.

It was a good date.