Saturday, September 10, 2005

Staying in

Last night I went out. And got drunk. And it was a lot of fun. This morning was not. Not even because I was terribly hung over, but just because I slept too late and felt all discombobulated when I did wake up.

I must be getting old, but I'm coming to cherish the weekend mornings. I like when I haven't been out too late the night before and I can sleep a little longer than normal and wake up feeling refreshed. My favorite mornings are those when I wake up around 8:30 or 9, lazily get up, maybe make some coffee and spend the morning piddling around my apartment and getting things done. I'll go for a bike ride, or a walk with a friend, get the paper, maybe go grocery shopping... it feels great.

So to ensure that tomorrow morning will be like that, tonight I have decided to stay in. When I get done with the wine store around 8:30 I'm going to get some dinner, stop by Blockbuster, and have a nice leisurely evening at home. The only thing that makes this less than ideal is that when you live alone, a night in is usually a night ALONE. Which is sometimes nice, but can get lonely.

I need to concentrate on enjoying the me-time and not focus on the alone factor. Because I really do enjoy the me-time. Sometimes it's just so much easier to use it as an excuse for some good self-pity. Why is that? Why do we concentrate on the negative rather than the positive?

Maybe I'll ponder that tonight as I drift off to sleep - nice and early.


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