Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Self-imposed seclusion, Day 8: Rees backslides

I don't want to go back to waiting tables.

I don't want to move back to New York.

I don't want to leave my cozy apartment.

I don't want to put up with this sore throat.

I don't want to end up like Ennis.

I don't want to have lunch with my mom.

I don't want to go ballistic if someone asks me to make copies for them at work today.

Why is everything so hard for me? Why can't I just work my normal job?

I just want to go back to bed. And when I wake up, I just want to read, write, and cook for days.


Anonymous Leah said...

Rees, honey! You'll get through this, and just remember...you don't have to figure it all out overnight. You are way too hard on yourself. Look at all you've accomplished, and even making the decision to make a change is a HUGE achievement.

Okay, I'm starting to sound like Dr. Phil. And you know how I feel about Dr. Phil.

9:54 AM  
Blogger DC Cookie said...

If I could, all my days would consist of the following:

- sleep late
- write blog
- work out
- eat (I don't cook)
- read book
- drink wine
- hook up with sexy boyfriend
- sleep

But alas, something has to pay for the books, bed, gym, food and vino...

11:35 AM  

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