Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Self imposed seclusion

Increasing dissatisfaction with my foray into Corporate America has caused me to be quite the unpleasant person lately. I cannot keep my mind on anything but other career possibilities, which are entering my mind at a breakneck speed.

I was born with a horrible gene that causes me to wear most emotions on my sleeve, so when someone dares to ask the normal question of "How are you?" I will inevitably launch into some whiny speech about how miserable I am for nine hours of the day and then list off a few random ideas of what to do about it, most of which that come completely out of the blue for the person listening (or pretending to listen), who has no idea that I want to be a librarian, or move to Europe, or go back to waiting tables, or run off to join the circus.

Then this unlucky but well-meaning soul will probably begin a sentence with "You know what you should do..." or "Why don't you..." which will cause me to practically have an aneurysm holding myself back from going off on them. I don't take kindly to unsolicited advice, and I don't think that this person has a CLUE about what I should do.

So in light of these recent circumstances, I've decided to go into a bit of a self imposed solitary confinement - or at least as much of one as our society will allow. Right now I'm on Day 2, and I have to say that it is going swimmingly! Last night I went to spinning class and then came home and did something that I rarely do - turn off my phone. It was great to just not have to deal with anyone.

Tonight I'll be going to Pilates then coming home, eating a huge bowl of pasta, and watching a movie that I just rented (another thing I rarely do). The phone will be turned off, and nothing else will be in my thoughts.

I'm not sure how long this seclusion will last, since the career problems are not ones that can be solved overnight. But hopefully soon some distraction will take hold and I will be able to at least not let my job bother me so much. I'm sure that soon I will get bored and feel the need for human contact again. But for now, I'm enjoying the hermit life.


Anonymous Beth said...

I think sometimes a little down time is a good thing. I'll often spend the whole weekend in my room, only leaving to pee or to get food. Its quite therapeutic in a way.

How was day 3?

9:15 AM  
Blogger Troy said...

date with drew? if this seclusion extends to a second rental i better hear about Millions, my pick of the year over at dolt adn troy. .....but tell me how that is, was kinda curious about that movie, it looks cute.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

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2:43 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Beth - tonight will be day 3. I'm looking forward to an evening of sushi and Must See TV on NBC. I may never socialize again!!

Troy - Date with Drew was great - really funny and cute with an uplifting ending. Millions is next on the list. :)

2:45 PM  

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