Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reader Poll - take 3

Let's lighten things up around here, shall we? Everyone play!

1. Can you poop at work?

2. If you were being executed, what would you want your last meal to be?

3. Please share your favorite Rees moment (real life, or blog-related). It's been a rough week, and I could use some validation. Hey, at least I'm honest about it.

4. Which magazines do you subscribe to?

5. If you had a 5 year old daughter who wanted to be in a pageant, would you let her?

6. Brag about one thing that makes you unique.

7. What is your best feature, appearance-wise?

8. Are you allergic to anything?

9. What color are your sheets?

10. Ask me something.


Anonymous Leah said...

1. Finally, a question right up my alley. You know how much I like to talk about poop. I do! All the time. Public pooping is something that I had to overcome in college, and now I've gone too far. I'd dare go as far to say I'm a frequent public pooper. Why be uncomfortable? Whew, okay.
2. Last meal would be cheese (a whole platter of different kinds) and for dessert chocolate cake with milk. 2%. I mean, I'm dying anyway.
3. All the many many many times you have quoted obscure movie moments and I totally get it, and then we start laughing together and can't breathe. Those are my most favoritest Rees moments. Well, that and sipping wine on the porch. Oh, and remember that time we stood underneath the Eiffel tower in the rain, and ran into Brad and Angelina and Maddox and baby Zahara, and they asked if we could take a family picture for them? Oh, that hasn't happened just yet.
4. My grandma gets "W" magazine "for me." ie, so she can read it before I pick it up from her house.
5. No way in hell, except wait, this is why i'm in therapy. I guess so, if she really wanted it. Ugh, God. I'm so not ready to be a parent.
6. I am really in touch with who I am (see therapy reference, above) ...oh, and I make myself laugh without any assistance.
7. My naturally arching eyebrows.
8. Penicillan (yawn).
9. White (yawn yawn).
10. What is your favorite flower?

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Lanahan said...

1. Yes, but only if I'm alone.
2. Filet Mignon, with suateed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes with a glass of Pinot Noir followed by a large Glenlivet scotch on the rocks for dessert. Hey, I'm gonna die, I might as well get wasted.
3. I often think back to how cute your were wearing your sunglasses and trying to shatter a wine glass - freaking out all the while. I also like your zingers that come out of nowhere and crack the room up.
4. None, but I'm about to subscribe to Esquire any day now, and my roomate subscribes to Playboy in my name because the subscription card came to me in the mail instead of him. I know that doesn't sound good in my defense.
5. Yes, because my daughter is the prettiest princess in the world.
6. I am incredibly empathetic - almost to a fault.
7. I'm pretty fond of my facial hair (since I don't have much on top)
8. Dust, pollen, ragweed, cats, my parent's home.
9. Red.
10. What's your favorite lanahan moment?

7:05 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Leah - I think either Gerber (sp?) Daisies, Tulips, or Lilies. Do you capatalize the names of flowers? Oh well. I guess I do.

Lanahan - I think it's a few years ago when my friends and I were driving cross country and you let us stay with you guys in LA. It was the first time that you and I had really spent any time together without other friends bringing us together. I was struck by your generosity as a host, and glad to really get to know you as you, not someone that I hung out with because of other friends. That, and you humping the floor as AJ when you guys would sing Backstreet Boys for us at karaoke (again, sp?).

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Lanahan said...

I never sang Backstreet Boys at Karaoke. You must be thinking of some other person...

3:35 PM  
Blogger Dolt said...

1. Yes, but only if I'm alone. It always sucks when someone comes in right before the drop and you have to do "the clench".
2. Clam Linguini and a ceaser salad.
3. Shopping at the ghetto Christiansburg porn shop that was like set up in a trailer.
4. Entertainment Weekly, In Style, and Martha Stewart Living
5. HA! If I had a 5 yr old daughter, such silly talk.
6. I have an uncanny knowledge of entertainment knowledge. My brain is like an entertainment library.
7. I like my collarbone, neck, and shoulders, my decolletage if you will.
8. An antibiotic, Macrodantin, boring, but lucky.
9. Cream
10.What's your favorite Dolt moment?

9:11 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

1. at work? i have no job.
2. Appetizer - Salsa Con Queso Entree - Claim Jumper's Rib Eye Steak, Garlic Mashed and Fries Dessert- Cold Stone Wafflecone. and a Coke of course.
3. late night man hunting on the internet and the beach trip lunch stuck in the middle of the Diego/Mark moment.
4. i think my Dad just got me Sporting News.
5. No Pagents.
6. My dog makes me cooler than I am.
7. My calfs.
8. No allergies.
9. I don't own sheets, my parents do.
10. What's your favorite Troy moment?

11:22 AM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Dolt - Backstreet Boys concert, and the drive home the next day.

Troy - You're right, it's gotta be that awful Diego/Mark conversation we landed in the middle of.

12:05 AM  

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