Friday, February 10, 2006

Who does that?

All in all, my birthday was fabulous - and it's not even over yet! The weekend will be full of festivities. Festivities that I'm sure, no matter how fun they end up being, will not yield a story quite as good as the one from dinner last night with my wonderful friends.

Four of my wonderful friends took me out to dinner last night. We chose a restaurant that is pretty popluar in town - famous for it's authentic Italian food, rustic atmosphere, and minimal service. Exactly my kind of place. Any place that serves wine in juice glasses is a-ok by me because to me that is what wine, and food, and birthdays are about. No frills, just gettin' down and having a good time with good friends.

But I digress. On to the story.

About halfway through our meal we stopped to take a few pictures of the group. During our picture taking we were being really tame, not at all loud and obnoxious. (Though it should be pointed out that if we were being loud and obnoxious, this particular restaurant's down and dirty setting would have been the perfect place to do it.) After about four pictures we were interrupted.

"Excuse me, could you calm it down with the picture taking? It's getting really annoying."

It was a woman who apparently was sitting at a table near us. She smugly sat back down and we all stared at her, mouths agape. For about two seconds.

"Uh, it's her birthday!" Leah gasped.

"That is totally innappropriate!" Chase said loudly, facing her table.

"Who does that?" I mused.

We promptly decided to not make a scene and just go about our business, completely ignoring her. Anyone who would ask someone to stop taking pictures, especially in such an informal place, is obviously a completely selfish nutcase.

Dinner, and amplified picture taking, continued. A delicious tiramisu with a candle came out, and we started to wrap up our meal.

The rude woman's table finished before we did and left. A few seconds after they went out the door, one of the men who was with her came back and approached us.

"I am so sorry. There is no excuse for her. I hope you have a great birthday," he said emphatically.

As if that justification wasn't enough, the table who had been next to the rude woman started exclaiming to us about how they couldn't believe what they had witnessed and how crazy that woman was. Apparently she spent a large amount of time turning around to the other table and trying to get them to join in her crusade against us, which they of course refused to do.

Then there was the piece de resistance: our waitress.

"Guys, we never put candles in cakes. It's seriously forbidden. I just did that in hopes that you would sing really loudly and piss that horrible woman off even more."

That was the best present I could have ever gotten. Happy Birthday to me!


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That's Awesome!

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