Sunday, April 23, 2006

Balls in the air, frat parties, and surprises

For a good part of the two hour drive back home from DC this morning I brainstormed different ways to blog about my last twenty-four hours.

One idea that I had was to write about the value of having a lot of balls in the air at this point in my life. Being single and being in sales aren't all that different in those respects, and this week has been a good one. I currently have eight contracts pending at work, and was asked out three times this week - once in Richmond, once in Fredericksburg at a wine tasting yesterday, and once in DC last night. Who is to say whether any of those things will work out, but one has to assume that the more things pending, the better your chances are of something working out in your favor. (On a side note, neither the Fredericksburg or DC guys seemed at all bothered that I didn't live in the same town as them. Kinda flattering...)

Another thing I was all ready to blog about was the fact that going to DC for the night has become the adult equivalent of going to a frat party in college for me. It's something I do when I want to escape from the reality of my life for a day. It's definitely not my scene at all, but the boys are cute, the drinks keep coming, and I always come home a bit lighter in step and ready to face what is really going on.

But neither of those ideas will really be expounded on. I'm too distracted right now. Because when I turned on my computer and checked my email I was in for the biggest surprise I've had in a while.

This guy sent me an email saying that he misses me. (Keep in mind that he is also this guy.)


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