Monday, May 28, 2007

Customer service is annoying, not helpful. Example #1

"You know, you should really think about joining Blockbuster online. For as much as you are spending on these two rentals, you can have unlimited..."

Deep sigh.

"Thanks, but I really don't need it." Trying to be polite.

"Well, it's just that you're already spending $9 on these two, and..."

"You know what, I tried Netflix once and it really just ended up being a waste for me." Getting annoyed.

"Well, Blockbuster is only $6 a month, much cheaper than Netflix."

"I really don't rent that many movies." Teeth gritting.

"Well your account looks like it's been pretty active lately..."

"Listen, you dweeb - no one appreciates your attempt at selling the customer new products as much as I do, but do you realize that if you succeed in getting everyone to sign up for this online crap that you will no longer have a job? Yes, I've rented four movies in the past week, but sometimes I'll go six months without setting foot in this place. So leave me the fuck alone!" What I was dying to scream.

"Look, I'm not signing up for it today." All I bring myself to mumble.

"Um, ok. These are due back next Thursday."

I did, however, manage to grab my bag and storm out without saying thank you. That'll show him.


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