Friday, May 11, 2007

In my inbox today...

From the man who made the comment last night...


Good to see you, as always. Hope you had fun, even though it was work.

I wanted to apologize for something I said last night that has sort of been bothering me today. We were talking about sports, activities, running, etc., and you had mentioned that you didn't really compete or play any sports. I said something about you not really having the figure of a typical runner. I hope I didn't upset you by saying that. I think you have a terrific figure and didn't want to imply otherwise. It was more of an observation that most of the women runners I've seen at 10k's or the triathlon are like 12-year old boys, with no curves, no chest, etc. I think you look great.

So, if you were tee'd off at me for saying that, I do apologize. If you didn't remember and are tee'd off now that I've reiterated it, I apologize. If you did or didn't remember and it didn't bother you, I don't apologize (no, just kidding - I am sorry).

Anyway, have a fun weekend, and I hope to be able to make Wine Cellar next Friday so we can (hopefully) have a laugh about this.

Regular Guy


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