Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Please leave your taste on my tongue

Lorenzo Guiseppe Allessandro Alutto - I am not joking with that name.

Within ten hours of being in Italy for the first time, I found myself sitting in on a tasting of his wines - a Barbera, Nebbiolo, and an Arneis. It was a small group, and it quickly dispersed after the bottles were empty. Soon it was just the two of us in the hotel lobby.

It started innocently enough. "Would you care for a beer and some pizza?" he asked, with a ridiculously upbeat and charming grin. How could I resist?

He treated me to spritzes at a bar right on Lago di Garda, and we soon discovered the he was only a year older than me, and that we had very similar taste in music. Before I knew it, we had slid into drinking Franciacorta, and he was guiding my hands to meet his across the table.

"Your hands are so cold, yet soft," he breathed, "you need a man like me to warm them up..."

How could I argue with that? At this point, considering that I had not slept at all on the red-eye the night before, I couldn't do much of anything besides muster up that familiar feeling of stepping outside myself and looking at the situation objectively. Here I was, on my first night in Italy, and a handsome, charming winemaker was... well, I wasn't sure yet. But he was definitely up to something. And as a woman who is passionately devoted to squeezing every drip out of life, and wanting to rack up as many experiences as possible, what choice did I have but to, well... enjoy?

We smoked cigarettes and shared pizzas and chatted about American politics. I pointedly licked grease off of my fingers, and he fed me his toppings before sneaking over to my side of the booth and quickly turning my face to meet his for our first kiss. It took me by surprise -
and by the time I had realized what was going on, it had started - the whispers in my ear, the kisses on my neck, the passion assaulting me from every angle.

From the second I saw you, I wanted everyone else to go away and to be alone with you...

Let me be your pillow tonight...

I want you tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after...

Let me kiss you all over... your legs, your neck, your back, your breasts...

And my personal favorite -

I will make you cum four, no five times tonight if you let me...

It was unreal. It has been so long since someone has showered me with such unabashed sexual energy that I hardly knew how to react. So I did the only thing I knew how to - I stepped outside of myself and tried to appreciate the beauty of the situation from an outsider's point of view. Here I was, living a fantasy of, well... certainly my own, if not many women around the world. I did my best to surrender to it, and drink in every moment, every kiss, every caress, and every breathy whisper there on the cobblestone streets of Desanzano.

When I finally detangled myself from his embraces a few hours later and dragged myself up to my hotel room, my lips were swollen, and my mind was swimming. I could hardly believe the situation that I had landed myself in. I felt like I was living in some kind of fantasy world, and if this is what the first twelve hours of my trip were going to be like, I could not wait to see what the next eight days would bring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear God, I hope you let him...FIVE times. PLEASE take one for the team, I beg you!

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