Thursday, October 02, 2008

Borrowing a bistro

One of the great things about dating someone is that you get to explore their neighborhood. It's sorta like borrowing their location. You figure out where to park, duck into the best corner markets, compare prices for doing laundry, and sip wine at corner bistros and say things like "How perfect that this place is right outside of your/our door!", without having to make the commitment to a lease and permanent work commute.

So last night when I was a bit early to meet the man at his place, I ducked into the quaint little French restaurant across the street that I had been eying ever since I started faux-living there. Rue Saint Jacques is dimly lit and cozy with a small dining room, yellow walls, and waiters who speak subtle French to one another. After ducking into the door I shyly approached the bar and asked the curly-haired, round gentleman who was taking up most of the counter space if I could squeeze in and have a glass of wine. I was warmly received, and poured a glass of Cabernet Franc.

I had only to flip through my paper for a few minutes before I was brought into the conversations happening around me, and a plate of crisp french fries with a fantastic saffron aioli was set down in front of me - compliments of the house. I nibbled, sipped and chatted happily until joined by the man, who wasted no time in obtaining his own glass of wine and a L’Assiette de Charcuterie, which was a complete steal for $12. Six or seven different kinds of meat (two chorizos alone) were presented, including two house-made pates. It was delicious, and we both nibbled on it as we talked politics, relationships, and San Francisco in general with the owner while he sipped on green-apple scented Calvados.

All in all, it was a lovely way to wind down a Wednesday evening. I suggest everyone find a neighborhood to borrow.


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