Sunday, July 26, 2009


Suffice it to say, lately I've had none. Between quitting and recovering from the job that I hated, bouncing around with part time and freelance things, and trying to spend as much time as possible with the person who is moving across the country soon, the only thing solid in my life lately has been the cat that I've had for nine years who delights in waking me up every morning. For the most part, all of this uncertainty has been fine. I knew that a better job was right around the corner, and strict routines have always had a choking effect on me anyway, so for the most part I've been able to go with the flow and enjoy the freedom of the last six weeks.

But soon all of this is going to change. Because I was right - a great job was right around the corner. Tomorrow I start with a winery in Napa as their key sales person in the Bay Area. I can barely express how great it feels to finally have my job situation under control, after a year of struggle with it. I'm excited to have a second home in Napa, but be able to continue to live closer to the city. I'm excited to have been given the go ahead to take anyone I want on personal tours of the winery. I'm excited to work with people I like again. I'm excited for good health insurance, and a 401K - you know, the little things. And the best part about this job is that with it I still have a decent amount of the freedom that I value so much. I'm back to making my own schedule, but with enough structure to keep me from slacking. It's going to be perfect.

As much as I've enjoyed the proverbial wandering of the last two months, I am looking forward to having my life (not to mention my bank account) a little more settled. I can get back into working out a few times a week, trying to eat one piece of fruit a day, scheduling visits with friends more regularly, renting movies from Netflix, writing consistently, planning some travel - finally I can get my life back into a rhythm, but one of my own making.

I pretty much can't wait.


Anonymous cynthia said...

I love your first sentence.

And your new job sounds wonderful! Congratulations! Although I liked the other place : )

3:14 PM  

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