Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Weird Family Foods

I'm a huge fan of the website Serious Eats. They consistently post stories and news-ish articles about food related items all over the world, and I've been introduced to a lot of cool things from them. They are a go-to site for me if I'm looking for a recipe, or need some info on a technique, and almost never fail me. But the best feature of the site is the open threads that they allow users to start. Anyone who is registered with the site (which is painless, quick, and free) can throw a question or train of thoughts out there to all of the readers and open it up for comments and responses. They are often asking for a recipe, idea, or just wanting to talk food in general.

Today on the site, they have one of the best threads I've seen yet - "What Weird Family Foods Did You Grow Up Thinking Were Normal?" There are over 120 responses, and some are really funny, touching, and just plain gross. I mean, come on - Jello mixed with milk? Captain Crunch served with whipped cream?

And here I thought it was weird that we grew up almost entirely on Pasta Roni, Shake 'n Bake, Pillsbury crescents, and iceberg lettuce salads... Apparently that was all pretty tame.


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