Monday, August 15, 2005

The Story of Rees

To begin my Blog with the beginning of my Blog, I'll first tell about why I chose the name. Rees has been my moniker for a long time, the only real nickname I've ever had (friends calling me "Martin" doesn't count, since I hate it). It started when I was very young. I always used to make up nonsense nicknames for my father, usually just random silly syllables. At one point I called him Zees, moved onto Boos (the one that has really stuck), and somewhere in between I called him Raas (pronounced with a short a). When I made up this one, he started calling me Rees (pronounced Reez) in return. He still calls me Rees, mainly when he is proud of me, or missing me, or just to tell me that he loves me. Most phone calls end with the exchange "Love my Rees", "Love my Raas".

So there you go. A simple story of a girl who loved her Raas, and 20 years later, still does.


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