Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just another Friday night

Last night was busy, full of friends, and fun. It started out with dinner at Comfort with Chase and a few of his friends. Chase is an interesting guy, and his friends are always an eclectic bunch. The food was great, the company pleasing. But alas, I had to leave this group around 10:00 to go downtown and hear a band play.

Copper Sails is a band that has been around the Virginia bar and college circuit for about ten years. They are a middle of the road, Pat McGee-ish band made up of guys who all have real jobs, but just love to play music. My friend's fiance, Boomer, is the bass player and lead singer. Hot. I had been wanting to hear them play for a while and finally got my chance. It promised to be a good time since most of our friends were supposed to come.

And they did. Everyone was there. Even a past fling of mine, who is still incredibly sexy (and unfortunately incredibly scattered). Looking around at my friends in the growing crowd, I felt happy and content. I know good people. And little did I know that a surprise was coming my way...

"Hey, Erin," I heard as a handsome, dark-haired man ducked into my view.

"Hi!" I chirped, recognizing him immediately. D is a psychologist, who I met a few weeks back on a boring Tuesday night at Stella's. She-J was bartending, and it was a slow night, so I responded to her pleading text messages by coming down to have a glass of wine at the bar. He was there doing the same, and we started chatting and ended up talking for a few hours. We have a lot in common, he was handsome and smart. The evening ended with just a little bit of, "Well, I guess I'll see you around," but no real promises. Which was fine, I wasn't looking to rush into anything. I hadn't seen him since, but I'd definitely thought about him a few times, so I was very pleased that he crashed my night.

"I was at Stella's a little earlier and she-J told me you'd all be down here," he explained. So here it goes again, we spent the entire evening chatting and hanging out with my friends. Everyone got along, and it was a great night. You've got to give credit to a man who can step into a crowd of amatuer theatre people and hold his own.

It'll be interesting to see if D makes another surprise appearance...


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