Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reader Poll - take 2

1) Are, or were, you closer to your mother or father?

2) What time did you get up this morning?

3) What is the one website you must visit every day?

4) What do you eat when no one else is around?

5) Have you ever been in love?

6) Have you ever been skydiving? Would you go, or would you go again?

7) How old were you when you lost your virginity?

8) How often do you read this blog?

9) Do you get this reference: "You are my density... I mean, my destiny." (If you do get it, don't say what it's from or I'll be forced to remove your answers!)

10) Ask me something.


Anonymous Katie said...

1. Mother
2. 6:45
3. AOL I'm a self-proclaimed complusive E-mail checker.
4. I have a stash of Little Debbie snack cakes that I will occasionally eat on a bad day.
5. Yes, I married him.
6. No, but I would go.
7. 19
8. First time, just found it when I was browsing during downtime at work-nice work Rees!
9. Yes!!!
10. What is your favorite wine, I notice you're quite an expert.

Nice blog,

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

1. Father
2. 5:25(!)
3. Dooce.com
4. Raw oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce all stirred up together. Don't knock it til you try it.
5. Yes...and no, it's not with Dooce, despite what my roommate thinks.
6. No, never, no how. Except on my 80th birthday. Then maybe.
7. 17
8. Every hour on the hour
9. Of course, it was what sealed our friendship.
10. What are your favorite children's names?

1:39 PM  
Blogger Dolt said...

1. Mother
2. 7 am
3. www.doltandtroy.blogspot.com
4. Old Bay Seasoning
5. Yes
6. No, and probably not
7. 16
8. Once a day
9. Yes
10.Are you lonely?

1:53 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Katie - no budget: Oregon Pinot Noir. Budget: anything from Spain

Leah - I've always liked the names Chase and Hope

Dolt - no

2:02 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

1. no comment, my crazy mom is reading this blog and a 'yeah' or 'nay' would totally be used against me.
2. 9am
3. doltandtroy.blogspot.com
4. KFC. only in St. Vincent.
5. no way. i mean lebowski sure, and i also love Coca-cola. ask anyone.
6. no i havent, and i dont think i would.
7. DUDE...MY MOM! she's runing my blog expirence!
8. everyday i have access to the net
9. of course, after dolt told me
10. how far along were you into Middlesex before you realized she wasn't going to cover the years of her life from high school to the Foregin Service?

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Lanahan said...

1. I think I was closer to Mom, but the gap is closing
2. 7:15am
3. www.superherohype.com
4. I dunno...my roomate's food?
5. Yesh!
6. No...I'm on the fence. The older I get the less inclined I am to try.
7. 18
8. Couple times a week.
9. Does Calvin Klein have his name in his own underwear? Yes!
10. What was the name of the to-die-for Zinfindel you reveiwed a while ago? Johannes something I think? Is it affordable?

4:00 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Troy: Yeah, I realized it when I had about 75 pages left. But I was ok with it by the end.

Lanahan: Probably Joel Gott Zinfandel and it's amazing. Should retail for about $15. Check it out!

Troy, you should answer #7 anyway! I think Kaye could handle it.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

Rees, you need to answer your own reader poll.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

1) Mom. Dad and I are moving farther and farther away from actually knowing each other in any real way. He seems fine with it - he just wants to know 17 year old me, not 27 year old me.

2) 7:13

3) www.hotmail.com

4) angel hair pasta with copious amounts of EVOO, feta cheese, greek seasoning, and the fake already cooked and cut chicken

5) yes, but I've never been with someone that I was actually in love with, if that makes sense

6) yes. great experience, no desire to do it again

7) 21 (old)

8) several times a day. I'm clearly very narcissistic

9) yes, and I group the entire population of the world into two groups - those who get it and those who don't.

Thanks for answering everyone! Keep 'em coming!!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous chris said...

1. my mother
2. 7:30 always
3. hotmail
4. when I neeeeeed and crave a bad snack it's junior mints
5. no
6. no but I would love to fly
7. intercourse 21, oral 14 can we average them and say 17.5
8. daily, but only since erin doesn't email me
9. I get it I get it
10. when will you shatter wine glasses with your voice?

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

1) Much closer to my father, he's one of my best friends. Mum and I tolerate eachother because we live in the same house.

2) Alarm went of at 7:36, I got out of bed at 8:01

3) Handbag.com and about 33 blogs I check daily.

4) Pasta

5) No, I don't think so.

6) Oh dear god no. Why on earth would I throw myself out of a plane?

7) 19 and I totally regret it too!

8) Its one of the daily 33

9) Nope..

10) What movie do you watch when you need cheering up?

3:31 AM  
Blogger Rees26 said...

Chris: as soon as you provide me with the proper protective head gear I will definitely give the shattering a wine glass with my voice thing a fair shot. I honestly think I could do it if I wasn't so afraid of shards of glass piercing my eyes.

Beth: something girly, always something girly. Bridget Jones' Diary, Under the Tuscan Sun, Notting Hill, and Serendipity are favorites.

9:22 AM  

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