Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm currently thinking...

...that there's no way I'm watching the State of the Union address tonight. I'll be going out for drinks instead.

...that I'm hungry and the soup I brought for lunch is not really appealing.

...that spinning will probably kick my butt tonight.

...that I'm excited about my new wine writing gig.

...that I wish it would snow.

...that my birthday is next week!!

...that I don't really care that Valentine's Day is coming up. The only thing I hate about that day is that a lot of my fellow single people use it as an excuse to get good and depressed. I just want to tell those people to get a life!

...that in 5 weeks I'll be in France!

...that I really need some new heels for work - but they don't have my size in Black. Wahhhh!!!

...that I'm looking forward to a certain someone cooking me dinner later this week.

...that I want one of my friends to throw a chill superbowl party where I can just eat chili and watch commercials.

What are you guys currently thinking about?


Anonymous Leah said...

- how i really need to pee but I'm too lazy to do it. Plus, i already went 30 minutes ago, so it's like i'm protesting.

- how i ate 8oz of cupcake batter last night.

- how we have no idea where we're sleeping in Paris. Any ideas, people?

- about how i'm going to see a nude dance show on Friday.

- how we were the first ones A thought of when she heard about a Tango benefit night. We're sooooo urban.

10:57 AM  

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