Sunday, April 30, 2006

Perfect weekend

Friday night - Richmond Braves game. Good 'ole hometown fun. And we even won.

Saturday morning - Extreme abs class at the gym. Workin' off those last few.

Saturday afternoon - Sitting outside drinking a PBR and watching the VCU Rugby "Oldies vs. Newbies" game. Lots of 5th year seniors kicking the crap out of 50 year old alumni. Sure, rugby may not exactly be my scene, but I'll jump on board of any excuse to drink beer outside on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night - A Midsummer Night's Dream, followed by drinks and dancing at one of my favorite local jazz spots. Complete with flirting and being asked out by one of the bass players for the symphony.

Sunday - lots of time for lounging and making this for breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with fresh basil, tomato, and feta. Pilsbury biscuit. Heaven.

Life is too good lately.


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