Friday, January 05, 2007

Clean your apartment, clean your life

Ok, so maybe it's not as powerful a force as saving a cheerleader, but there is definitely something wholey cleansing about the out-with-the-old concept. And I've been embracing it lately, at least with apartment clutter.

The black Steve Madden sneakers that I've worn forever? Replaced with spanking new Sketchers.

Old bedding? Replaced.

All new panties were purchased yesterday and today and about 20 pair were tossed into the garbage.

Furniture in kitchen has been rearranged so that my new wine fridge now has a home.

Desk was de-junked.

Now I just have to figure out which aspects of my personal life need to be kicked to the curb and swiftly execute...


Anonymous Beth said...

That bed linen is absolutely gorgeous, looks very light and airy and relaxing.

And what is it about the new year and new underwear? I'm currently in the process of paying back some debt, but once its gone, its new-panty city for me!!

4:02 PM  

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