Sunday, March 11, 2007

One woman's fascinating is another woman's obnoxious

"I'm going to go and find that friend of mine," was my lame excuse to get away from the person I had been left standing with when two of my other friends hit the dance floor. I was not about to be stuck talking to the girl who had just tried to corner me into a yeah-I'm-single-too-doesn't-it-suck conversation. I don't happen to think that being single is necessarily a bad thing, and don't appreciate it when people assume that I'm as unhappy as they are. So away I ran.

I don't know this girl very well, and only come across her every so often through mutual friends at social functions. She has never been anything but nice to me, but there is something about her that I just don't jive with. She seems very high maintenance and negative. Anyway...

Later, as Jess and I realized that she was getting kinda drunk and watched her dance with members of the band, we wondered aloud if she actually knew them or not.

"Melinda has always been a bit fascinating to me," Jess said.

"Really?" I relayed the events of earlier.

"Yeah, that's the thing. I can't figure her out. She talks about wanting to hang out and needing more girlfriends, and never really follows up on anything. But then she'll roll to a place like this solo. I mean, that's kinda ballsy. But then she gets into a pity party about being single. She's a bit fascinating to me."

"Humph. Fascinating is not exactly what I'd call her," I mumbled as she left the band member danced her way back to us.


Blogger Suss said...

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Blogger Suss said...

I'm hoping that Melinda is not a code name for me. Except that we have never been dancing. By the way, she sounds awful. Trim the fat, my friend. That's what I am doing. Getting rid of awful people in my life. Cut them right out, like Dave Coulier.

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