Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Excuses for why I haven't written much this week:

  • Girl's dinner at my house on Monday
  • Worked with our Epicurean rep on Tuesday and entertained clients until 10pm
  • Dinner with Favorite Foodie Friend on Wednesday
  • Busting my butt making sure my clients are covered with their favorite products since a huge closeout list came out yesterday. (We finally decided to stop working with a certain shady importer and are getting rid of their products. Unfortunately, some of the wines are really good, so I have to get my clients to stock up and then figure out replacements.)
  • First wine dinner with a very posh client, featuring B.R. Cohn wines, on Thursday. The owner's son, Dan, is actually coming into town to speak at the dinner, so I'm busy coordinating schedules with him.
  • All the while finalizing details for a fabulous weekend in New York, which I leave for on Friday morning (details to follow)

So in the meantime, hop on over to and check out the article that I wrote for them this week. Anyone have any more wine book suggestions?


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