Thursday, September 13, 2007

Winery Crush


"Hi Dan, it's Erin ... I was just callin' to get all of the details set for our wine dinner tomorrow. Give me a call back!" was how my coy sing-songy message went yesterday afternoon.

I assume that when most people talk about winery crushes, they are talking about the time in the fall when all of the grapes are picked and squished into wine. Not me. I'm referring to how damn cute the son of the owner of the winery is, and how excited I am that we are doing a wine dinner together tonight. He totally knows how cute he is too, which makes him fun to flirt with (and impossible to date).

When my phone rang later that afternoon, I looked down to see who it was and a sly grin creeped onto my face as I picked up.


"Hi is this Erin Mar-tinnnn??"

"Yessss... Is this Dan?"

"Are we gonna sell a million cases tomorrow night?" I can practically feel the dimples forming on his cheeks through the phone.

"Hmmm... weeellll, maybe not when you see how much the Country Club insists on charging for your wine."

"Are they charging a miilllliooonnn dollars for it?"

"Basically... but I figure we can completely whore you out, exploit your dad and his relationship with the Doobie Brothers, you know, really pull out all the stops. Then we'll sell a miiilllliiooonnn cases to the blue hairs." Grins abound on either side of the phone lines.

"Awesome. I'm totally all for that."

"Purrrrfect... So I'll pick you up tomorrow at five?"

"Yay. See you then."


Should be an interesting night.


Anonymous a work in progress said...

Erin, I LOVE THE NEW BLOG!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I can't wait to read about the follow up to the wine dinner...sounds yummy...if you know what I mean, LOL!! xxox, E

9:32 AM  
Anonymous EUGENIO said...

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