Friday, November 09, 2007

It's all downhill from here (or something equally overdramatic)

Being naturally fair-haired, and having both a father and grandmother who have had nary a silver strand in their lives, have helped me to avoid the graying that sometimes starts to haunt people in their mid to late twenties. I've never been smug with this fact or anything, it's just that the visual effects of aging have never really been something that I've thought about, or even considered.

Until yesterday.

Sitting at a stoplight, I flipped down my visor and started innocently applying some lip gloss. And there it was - a tiny frown line on the left side of my mouth. My first wrinkle.

I blinked. Tugged at the skin. Experimented with smiling and frowning, so see which makes it more prominent. And then a gentle honk from behind reminded me of where I was, and that I would have to inspect it closer in the safety of my own home.

A quick peek in the mirror this morning (clearly I'm not all that worried about it if I waited until this morning to look) confirmed it. Slight, but present. Sigh. Maybe I shouldn't be so judgemental of people who get Botox anymore. I have to admit that is was weird and a bit disconcerting to find a visual sign of age, even if it is tiny at this point.

Life is interesting.


Anonymous Wine Scamp said...

I remember that first wrinkle. Ugh.

If it's any consolation, no one will be able to see it but you for another couple of years, unless you sell yourself out and show it to people!

Aging... it beats the alternative!

10:34 AM  

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