Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Very Lovely Life

Caroline is one of the waitresses at a client of mine, a unique wine store/wine bar entrenched in the suburbs of my city. She is in her mid-20s with an adorable pixie cut and the personality to match. The artwork that lines the walls above the shelves are paintings that she did, and she custom makes all gift baskets that are ordered.

This afternoon as I sat there sipping a gorgeous glass of Donhoff Riesling (green apple, anyone?), I watched and listened as she interacted with a group of people that she was leading through a tasting.

"That art is yours?"

"Yeah," she squeaked, "I did those really quickly to go with the colors of the store when we were opening."

"That's great," one woman said. "They should let you paint while you're working!"

"Ha ha. That would really complete the picture," she responded. "I mean, that's really all my life is - painting, making jewelry, and pouring wine for people."

"Sounds like a very lovely life," the woman said, a bit nostalgically.

"Hmmm... yeah, it is." Caroline realized, then smiled and took a sip out of her own glass of Riesling. I smiled and bent back down to my laptop. The women smiled and went back to chatting with her coworkers.

Seems to me like we all have very lovely lives.


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