Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goals for 2008

I think it's funny that so many people balk when the topic of New Year's resolutions arises. The general consensus is that by making a resolution, you are setting yourself up for failure in the New Year because you will inevitably not follow through on it. I can't help but wonder why people are so hard on themselves? Failure? Isn't that a pretty strong word? Are you really going to deem yourself a failure just because you didn't go to the gym three times a week, or didn't finish one book a month?

I actually think that resolutions are good, because it means that people are being brave enough to think towards the future and set their sights on other challenges that they want to overcome in their lives. So what if the resolution doesn't end up exactly the way that you planned for it to? Something good probably came out of the effort and the thought process that went into it, and that is what should be encouraged. Trying. Thinking about more. Going for it - to any degree. Celebrating success of any degree, no matter how small, and not even acknowledging a failure, they aren't important. When you start looking at it in that light, you'd be surprised how much can be accomplished.

But, since "resolution" really has turned into an evil word in our society, let's think about them in another way - a goal. Things you'd like to see happen as you look forward to the next year of your life. So here are two of my several goals for 2008:

1. To travel to two places that I've never been to before. The first will be New Orleans the second weekend in February for my birthday - tickets are already booked! The second will hopefully be Italy - details pending.

2. To sell more of my portfolio. At work I feel that I have fallen into a bit of a rut with the wines that I sell, so I want to be sure to diversify a bit more this year and play with some of the more obscure and wonderful treasures hiding in our warehouse.

Of course, I know that this coming year will be about much more, ultimately, than those two things. But I feel good about setting my mind on them for the immediate time being, and look forward to the results of that.

So how about you? What are your goals for 2008?


Anonymous Elliot Essman said...

Simple goal for 2008: to try and review more eastern and southern European wines and thoroughly learn the wine cultures of these countries, especially Slovenia.

2:09 PM  

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