Monday, April 14, 2008

Things I loved about Italy

- At least three espressos a day

- Men in tight pants

- Everyone rolling their r's

- Italian's respect for the elderly and the deceased

- The passion that was abundant in every part of life

- That Franciacorta was available by the glass in almost every restaurant

- Homemade sopressata

- My cell phone not working

- Having a risotto served in a hollowed out wheel of parmeseano reggiano

- Genuinely feeling like I had stepped out of a postcard or movie

- Wine dinners in castles

- The fact that all Italians seem to love Barack Obama

- Really peppery arugula

- Ferries, trains, and Smartcars

- Paninis and purses - better here than anywhere in the world


Anonymous a work in progress said...

Yes. These things all elicit true love from me as well...dreamy thoughts as I head for bed, thank you...xo E

2:28 AM  

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