Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friendly Venetians

Yesterday afternoon, my mother and I took a water taxi from the Venezia San Lucia train station to our charming little hotel, which is just off of the Grand Canal. Though we have tried not to have to bother with it, we have amassed a small wine collection along our way the last few days. Right now we have pared down our carryings to one small box with two bottles.

After settling into the hotel, I immediately brought my computer down to the lobby where the precious Wi-Fi is free. After a few minutes -

"Excusi, Senorina. I have a taxi driver on the phone. Did you leave two bottles of wine in his boat?"

So surprised, I did nothing but blink in confusion for about two seconds, before jumping up.

"Si!" I exclaimed. "Oh no!"

"Not to worry. I will see if he can bring back."

He ducked back in a few moments later.

"Eh... he is not close by anymore... Let me make a suggestion. You need another taxi tomorrow?"


"Ok. We will ask him to come back with your wine and take you to train station."

"Perfeto! Gratzie!"

I settled back onto my couch, shocked that the taxi driver went through the trouble. Sure, he gets a guaranteed fare out of the deal, but he could easily have just drank the wine himself. For me this is a great example of friendly and accommadating I have found the Italians to be so far.

Definitely my kind of people.


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