Thursday, May 29, 2008

In my car

Today, I left Richmond. I packed up my car with two months worth of... stuff, that I deemed necessary for two months as a nomad. At some point, I realized that looking at what all was in there was a kinda cool glimpse into who I am. So, here are a few highlights.

- A houseplant (one that has sentimental value. I figured that I'd give it a shot at making it cross-country.)

- Really fragile wine glasses that I didn't want to risk with the movers

- A yoga mat. You know, in case I want to do Pilates at some point.

- A pack of cigarettes (I don't really smoke)

- Two big suitcases

- A pillow and two towels

- A car emergency kit - jumper cables, flares, plastic gloves, etc.

- Peanut butter filled pretzel bites for snacking

- Clothes hangers

- A laundry basket

- Several pairs of shoes

- Half a dozen bottles of wine

I'm looking forward to living out of my car for a few weeks. Maybe when this is all done, I'll decide to be free of all material things.

Ok, maybe not.


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