Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweaty trains and jaw dropping views

The pace of our trip was frantic. We did not spend two nights in the same place, and some days we traveled for hours to get to a place and stay for only about twelve hours. We were both troupers, and didn't allow ourselves to be tired, or complain at all.

But Saturday was hard. We woke up in our hotel in Venice, and caught a water taxi to the train station. We rode on a train for about 5 hours - including
a transfer in Milan - to Torino, where we took a jerky, long bus ride to the airport. We then picked up our rental car, and navigated the two hour drive to Barbaresco.

ss to say, we were exhausted. But when we arrived at Ca' du Rabaja, on the tip-top of a hill overlooking one of the most beautiful landscapes I'd ever seen on both sides, it was immediately worth every second of the trying journey.

Enjoy the pics...


Anonymous a work in progress said...

GORGEOUS!!! I'm terribly jealous. BUT I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU OUT HERE!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO! Of course, I'm never here due to my travels, but nevermind :)

7:46 AM  

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