Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tales from the road: Fun things to say

Traveling alone means that you delight even more in talking to strangers. I have not been in the mood to get into deep conversations with anyone - this is more of a selfish journey than a making-friends journey for me - but at the same time, some idle chitchat has been fun. So far I've yukked it up with a diner waitress in Illinois, a cool older couple from LA that I bumped into at two different scenic views in Colorado, and the lady who works at the Plainsman Museum in Nebraska. And I have to admit that there are a few phrases that I have become very fond of shocking people with, and watching their eyes blink in confusion as the words pass genuinely through my lips. They are:

"Where am I exactly?"

"Um... what time zone are we in here?"

Finally, my most favorite is, when asked where I live:

"Actually, I currently live in my car."

People really don't know what to make of that one. They usually pause for a second and look me over quickly, visibly wondering if this preppy, younger-looking-than-she-actually-is blonde girl is bullshitting them, and if so, why would someone of this seemingly good-girl demographic be making up some hair-brained lie about being homeless? Or, is it possible that she actually does live in her car? (Wisely, I think, I did manage to refrain from the temptation to deliver this line to the cop who pulled me over for going 55 in a 45 in Utah when she looked at my driver's license and asked if the address on it was current.)

After relishing in the looks on their faces for a few seconds, I laugh and give the skeleton version of my story, the degree of depth that I go into varying depending on my own mood. Since I'm not exactly looking to make friends right now, the explanation usually goes something like this:

"No, no. Ha ha. I don't really live in my car. I just like saying that. I'm actually in the process of moving to California from Virginia and making the cross country drive... Yep, by myself."

Chew on that, people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it-totally love it. Gal alone rocking and rolling through the country alone. WAHOO!!!

10:18 PM  

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