Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On the Road Again

Well, I've been in Chicago for a little over a week, and today I hit the road again for the next leg of my cross country excursion. The time in Chicago has been a lot of fun, and also very productive. I got some great job experience in, and really got to know Jill, the lady who works for our company here in Chicago. Here are a few highlights of the last ten days:

- Discovering the Red Eye, which is like a mini-version of the Chicago Tribune but out every day and available free on most street corners. Brilliant! It's kinda like the New York Post - short, highlights major news points, focuses a lot on sports and entertainment, and includes a horoscope and crossword puzzle every day. Every city should have one for lazy news readers like me.

- Meeting some of the guys who play in the band Umphrey's McGhee. Super cool, and great musicians, I'm glad to have made these new friends in Chicago.

- Morning power walks up and down Lake Michigan.

- Staying in a high-rise in Lincoln Park and waking up to this view every morning:

All in all, Chicago is definitely my kind of town. And I'm already scheduled to be back in August. Maybe next time I'll be able to catch a Cubs game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl!-I LOVE it! Chicago is fantastico and ugh-how jealous am I am bummed I didn't get to send you some picks on where to eat in time. For next time:
*Mythos for Greek; neighborhoody joint
*Bongo Room for brunch; YUM oreo pancakes
*Ostaria Via Stato; One of my BFF's works there planning events and parties-Italian feast!
*Garetts Popcorn; seriously please tell me you didn't leave this time without getting some caramel popcorn!!!
*THEEEEE...Cheeburger Cheeburger!; under the bridge near the NBC building.

Ahhh...Chicago. Yes, Wrigley Field for you next time-heck-maybe I'll meet you there for my 30th b-day!!! :)
Happy travels!

3:23 PM  

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