Monday, July 21, 2008

Executive Decisions

Yesterday my boss and I volunteered our time and poured wine at the Napa Valley Humane Society "Cause for Paws" event. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the shady setting at one of the nicest country clubs in town made for a great event. Lots of wineries and restaurants were sampling their wares, and Napa's best, brightest, and ahem... richest... were out.

As the event was winding down, we couldn't help but notice a rather attractive guy hovering about fifteen feet away.

"1:00, striped button down," I whispered to her.

"Mmm-hmm... I could see you on his arm."

He continued to hover.

"I'm going to use my Vulcan powers to channel him over here," she joked. After pouring wine in the sun for four hours, we were beginning to get punchy. "Hmmmmm... you want to taste some Sangoivese..." she hummed with her eyes closed.

And damn if it didn't work.

A few minutes later he was at our table, and we were chatting shyly. How long have you lived here, what do you do, etc, etc, etc. He threw his card into the raffle, and danced around asking me out. Finally, we had to go.

"Ok, well it was nice to meet you," I said with a grin.

"Yeah, you too... um... um..."

"Here's my card," I interjected. "I'll be living here for another few weeks."

"Ok, great!" he said as I hopped on our golf cart and was whizzed back to my car.

A few hours later we were sorting through the raffle rabble, and I took it upon myself to make an executive decision.

"Well, would you look at that? The hot guy won the raffle!"

"What?" my boss said. "Coincidence?"

"Nope. Not at all. As Northern California Sales Manager, I took it upon myself to completely unfairly choose a winner. I guess I'll have to call him tomorrow."

"Good girl." And she meant it. There's a reason we get along so well.


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