Thursday, July 02, 2009

Constructing a character of myself

Sometimes I get bored of what I visualize as my current persona, or decide I need a few items to spice things up. Today, being kinda bored and recently discovering that I "need" a few new things, I pretty quickly painted a mental picture of Career-Erin, and how hot, together and savvy I would be with those things. Here's how it went:

- Whoever runs MZ Wallace's email campaigns has really been torturing me lately. I've been oogling their purses for literally years, but just haven't bitten the bullet and thrown down $300+ yet. That's a bit pricey for me. But this week they sent an email letting me know that one of my favorites is on sale for 50% off. That was rough. Then two days later, they sent another email, letting me know that shipping would be free through the weekend, and Happy 4th of July. I give myself two more days before I cave and finally spend a bit too much money on the daytime purse of my dreams.

- Pulling on my favorite pair of Sevens jeans this morning for the first time since washing them last weekend, I discovered that we were coming closer to what I realized a few months ago was an impending certainty - holes are slowly wearing in the crotch area. Probably only one or two washings away. I've owned like four or five pairs of Sevens over the last few years, and eventually they all get holes there. These have had a pretty good run of almost two years, so I'm not mad about it or anything. But lately I've been eyeing how great most people's butts look in Lucky Brand Jeans, which I've never owned. I tried on a few pairs once, and realized that they are the perfect length for me wearing flats. Right now I actually don't have any jeans that are heel-height. (The current Sevens I had hemmed, so they are flat-height. I'm right in the middle, being 5'6", so there is no such thing as a pair of pants that would work for me for both.) Soooo... what this means is that clearly I need two new pairs of designer jeans soon - a pair of Lucky's for flats, and a pair of Sevens for heels.

- Then, I sent a text message, and took a long, hard look at my crap-tastic phone that I've never bothered to update. I've gone back and forth for months, considering getting a Blackberry, but have held off waiting for my job situation to stabalize before making any new phone decisions, in case my next job would require something in particular. All of the sudden, a lightbulb went off in my head, and after a few clicks around my Verizon account page, I realized something - I am no longer under contract with them. I am month-to-month. It didn't take long for a little iPhone bud to plant itself in my brain. Within a few days, resistance, I'm sure, will prove futile.

- Oh, and I also need highlights.

So, by the end of the day I was swirling in fantasies of how career-woman-together-hot I'm going to look in a few weeks when I am sporting my new purse, talking on an iPhone, and rocking new jeans with the heels that I have been sorely neglecting for the last year or so. My hair will look perfect, and I'll be constantly doing something sharp like hailing a cab, or reading a library book on the ferry. (Because amidst all of this fabulous-ness, I'll still keep it real by checking books out of the library. Clearly that juxtaposition will only add to my alure.)

I can't wait.


Anonymous Hungry Dog said...

Lucky jeans are the best! They last forever.

10:15 PM  

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