Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to the family?

When I met the patriarch of the family owned winery that I just started working for, I was a little bit nervous. But hey, I figured, just make conversation and he'll like me. I'm good at that. It's essentially what I was hired to do anyway. So I had heard that he and the wife spend about six months a year in Hawaii. I was in.

"Oh, I heard that you all have a place in Hawaii! My brother is stationed at Pearl Harbor."

"Yeah? That's great."

"Yeah, I went to visit him once! Where is your place?"


"Oooh, I hear that Maui is even better. I've never been there though."

At this point I had somehow just started to babble. I needed to tie up this conversation, fast. And then, somehow it went a bit awry. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but about two mumbled lines later, he uncomfortably coughed and said -

"Um... yeah. Well, uh, maybe one day you'll join us there."

Huh? Woah. Backup. What just happened here? Had I in my nervous idiocy somehow made it sound like I wanted to go to his place in Maui?

"Um... I... uh..." I didn't really know what to say. And then he was gone.

Like I said, I can't say exactly what happened, but ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid that in the first three hours of my new job, I might have inadvertently invited myself to the Maui compound of the head honcho - namesake - of the company.

So much for my brilliant small talk skills.


Anonymous Diane said...

I am laughing my ass off...oh how clever we are sometimes as chatty girls eh? Maybe it's so charming people actually DO invite you after knowing your for 3 hours to thei house in Maui! YEAH! I am so packing myself in your suitcase! :)

10:00 AM  
Anonymous sweatsinthecity said...


I think you have great small talk skills. But hey, we all stick our feet in our mouths from time to time. :)

3:39 PM  

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