Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good intentions, bad timing

"So then, (heh, heh) he said to me, (heh, heh) if you end up making that huge sale, I'll shave your butt for you!"

This sentence finally ended what was one of the worst, most boring stories I had ever heard, complete with the taking out of a Blackberry so that I could literally be shown the entire email conversation that the story had been about.

I made eye contact across the table with the one girlfriend there who seemed to understand how badly I wanted out of that conversation. I had been being monopolized all night by this stranger, and all I really wanted to do was hang out with my friends. Unfortunately, it was too small of a group for me to just get up and walk away without looking like a total bitch.

It's not entirely his fault. A mutual friend of ours whose intentions are always good but sometimes severely misguided, had chosen this evening to set us up, unbeknownst beforehand to me. My week had been less than stellar with my new romance seemingly coming to an end, and despite my friend's notion that I should just throw myself into the game of finding another, I just wasn't in the mood.

I mean, no matter how short the previous love affair, or how nice (albeit, boring) the new person may be, I think that a girl is entitled to at least a weekend of downtime before being expected to start all over again, right?


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