Saturday, January 13, 2007

He has this theory...

We were, once again, talking about Food Network and our favorite shows.

"What's your stance on Rachael Ray?" he asked, flipping through my Food and Wine.

"Well, here's my thing. Not all of her recipes are that good, but I think you can learn a lot watching her show, like shortcuts, techniques, substitutions... however, the daytime talk show is definitely a bit much."

"Yeah, I like her in small doses."

"Exactly. Now, Barefoot Contessa I love!"

"Oh, dude, she is the best!"


"But have you ever noticed the way she interacts with the men on her show?" he asked, with a glint in his eye.

"You mean, besides her gay husband?"

"Yeah, she's very flirty and always touching them. I have a feeling she's a dirty girl. Really looking for a good lay."

"What?! You think Ina Garten is horny and dirty?"

"Oh yeah," he nods.

"Humph. I've never thought of it. But you can't really blame her after being married to a gay guy for thirty years."

"Nope, definitely not. But I'm telling you, watch her next time. Dirty."

I'm not sure if he's completely crazy, or whether I think it's kinda hot that he has a theory about the Barefoot Contessa's sex drive. I finally settle on a little bit of both, which only makes me like him more.


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