Sunday, January 14, 2007

To the Moon

6 months ago...

"Congratulations! You finally got your dream job! We are so excited for you. Here's Jack..."

"Ok, Rees. Tonight we're celabrating. Now think about it. Where is the only place to go when you get your dream job?"

"Um, Avalon?"

"Rees! That's where you go when you land that summer internship. Come on, where do you go when you get your dream job?"

"Um... Sticky Rice?"

"Rees! No. That's where you go when you get your first job out of college with vacation and health insurance. Where do you go when you get your dream job?"

"I give up."

"Paper Moon, of course!!"

I laughed out loud. It was just like my crazy/awesome friends to insist on celebrating my huge news at a strip club. So to Paper Moon we went, and ended up having a blast, of course.

A few months later...

Her application process was grueling. Resumes, interviews, gossip flying. Some people on the search committee were huge advocates of hers, some thought she was too young. We were all encouraging patience and promising that someday soon we would be celebrating for her the same way we celebrated for me. So when Jessica found out this week that the months-long application and interview process was finally over and that she had been offered her dream job as General Manager of one of the best theatres in town, there was only one thing to do.

"To the Moon!" Text messages and voice mails were flying through space, everyone beside themselves with excitement for Jessica and for the night ahead.

Plans were made. Dinner at my house first (venison roast, mac 'n cheese, chocolate bread pudding, and lots of wine), then the caravan headed down for an evening of expensive drinks, tossing singles, lap dances and pretending to be ballers... or something.

And that's how it is with Rees' friends. Ridiculously supportive, with a hint of ironic craziness. It's just how we roll.


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