Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Favorite responses, so far, to the Evite that I got for my ten year high school reunion


- Does anyone mind if Ray's parole officer comes with him? He was too embarassed to ask.

- Jason, will your girlfriend be 18 by then? Does she have any friends?

Kinda funny, but the no's are by far the best.


- i, Casey Morris, live in Sacramento. I am already making the trip back east over the Easter weekend for my grandparent's 60th anniversary. I am not making a special trip again for a reunion, it is just not in the budget. (TMI dude, no one remembers who you are anyway.)

- Sorry can't make it. I have a newborn and a 6 year old. We are going to be moving that time. I guess maybe next time. Plus, my husband is gone all the time while I am a stay at home mom. Sorry guys guess we all can't come. Jackie (Wow, now I'm depressed for you.)

- My partner and I are living in Kansas City as of February and will not be able to attend..Have fun...
(They have gay people in Kansas City?)

- Sorry friends.. I'm having twins that day... maybe in another 10 years. (Hmmm... makes me feel bad that all I've really done since high school is learn to drink professionally.)

Jury is still out on whether or not Rees will be attending...


Anonymous Molly said...

alert. this is molly (you know, i used to live across the street in the fan, we went to high school together, we're both really hot, etc...)
i totally know who that casey morris guy is. he was good friends with the dude who lived across the street from me growing up and one of my friends dated him for like a week my sophomore year. he wore a lot of tiedye.

also, did you graduate in '97? does this mean that you will be seeing the spawns of jeff bartholomew at the reunion? he has two of them, you know.

2:02 PM  

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