Thursday, April 26, 2007

Missin' you

"So are you gonna miss me?" Southern Boy asked, flopping down on the bed and slinging his arm my waist.


"Maybe..." I responded in a cop-out sing-songy voice. "Are you going to miss me?"

"Yep," definitively. "I already do just thinkin' about it."


"Yeah." This time his voice rose in pitch a little bit, as if he was confused at my questioning. As if it should have been obvious that he would miss me. Instead of continuing though, he just buried his face in my neck, causing me to giggle and the subject to change.

Overlapping trips (him to NYC, me to Northern California) are causing us to take a 12 day break from our two month relationship. The truth was, I wasn't really sure if I was going to miss him or not. Sure, we have fun together, but I'm not entirely sure that there is a lot of potential for us, and for the last few days the differences between us had been in the forefront of my mind more than what it would be like to be apart for almost two weeks.

But today while I was working I started thinking about him, wondering if his plane had made it on time. So I sent a little text message, just to be sure he had made it safely. No big deal. He responded. He got in a little late, and told me where he was planning on going to dinner.

Jealous! I responded. I've never been there. Send.

Then a realization hit me, so I did something that may seem like no big deal, but for me was a leap.

PS - I am going to miss you. Send.

I let it go, and didn't even wonder when he might respond, or if I had made myself too vulnerable. I felt good about having sent it. The response came quickly.

I already miss you. Wish you were here by my side.

I smiled, and felt really happy. I'm not sure if we have a future. But it sure is nice to be missed.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh man, new relationships are the best.

7:09 PM  

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