Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dear John,

Hey there, little bro! You're in the home stretch! Only about a month left of your deployment. How time flies when you're under water for six months straight, huh? Ok, maybe it's just me that the six months have flown by for. I'm sure for you they have been pretty rough.

Things here are good! I finally got moved into the new place last weekend, so this past week has been a barrage of unpacking, Target runs, and figuring out where in the hell I'm going to dispose of all of these boxes when I'm done with them. I write this now from my new office (aka, the second bedroom). I have to say, so far this is my favorite room in the house. Having my desk next to a window is fantastic. It's very peaceful in here. Who knows - maybe it will serve it's purpose and I'll actually be more on top of work. Or maybe I'll just spend more time shopping online. :)

Work has been great. Last night I partnered with one of my restaurant clients and hosted my first ever wine dinner! We did all New Zealand wines, which were really phenomenal. Turnout was less than we had anticipated, but that actually ended up being ok because it made for a much more intimate setting and everyone had a really good time. We even sold like three and a half more cases by the end of the dinner, so that made us happy. Not bad for a first time out.

So I've been seeing someone new. So far so good. I mean, I think. We have fun together, he's really sweet. To be honest, I'm not sure if there is any long term potential. I mean, he's great and all, but we haven't really defined the relationship yet. Which I'm fine with, because I'm not sure if I'm ready for labels. Or maybe I'm not sure if I'm ready for a label with him. I don't know. All I do know, is that it's been a fun few weeks, so I try to just focus on that. He's got a toothbrush at my new place. How weird is that? Or wonderful? Is it weird or wonderful? I can't decide.

So that's really it. Moving, work, new boy... life has been treatin' me well lately. We're all hoping that you'll be able to come home this summer for a visit before your boat heads off to New Hampshire. Write back soon, and be sure to call me next time you are in a port.



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