Monday, April 30, 2007

Exploring my life here in Cali

I freakin' love California.

I love that coffee is even more a part of the culture than it is in New York. The first sight of Peet's at the airport always lets me know that I've arrived.

I love the way houses are built into hills for maximum views.

I love that Jason's apartment is two blocks away from the flagship Kiehl's store.

I love how people are cooly stylish - cute shoes, but they are flats.

I love how that you can get huevos rancheros anywhere for brunch.

I love how it's always seventy degrees.

I love the Mexican and Asian influences in the food.

Right now I'm so comfortable in Richmond. Close to family. Cake job. Diverse circle of friends. Mediocre dating life. Am I getting too comfortable, though? Have I been fooling myself that those things are really the most important in life? Are my adventures over? Am I missing out and sleeping through life with my comfy existence?

If I don't move here soon, will it be too late?


Blogger Leah said...

You should know that I'm planning on moving to San Fran within the next 2 years. I'm just sayin.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Lanahan said...

I'm hoping your trip only took you to San Fran, cuz I'd kick your ass if you were in SoCal and didn't contact me...
Incidentally San Fran is, like, the happiest place on earth. When I can maintain my acting career and live THERE, I will in a heartbeat...

5:19 PM  

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