Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brilliant Idea

I want to be supportive of my alma mater in these difficult times. I really do. And how do Americans show their support? With huge tacky car magnets, duh. However, I'm just not all that excited about having a big, obnoxious castrated turkey slapped on the back of my pretty new baby. So when I saw a few vehicles parading around town recently with modest little VT emblems that are only about two inches high, I became green with envy. They were cute, understated and modest, yet getting the point across. (The point being, "I went here, and I loved every minute of it. How could this have happened? I'm so upset. Let's all go to Macado's and get some con queso.")

So recently I have been on a mission. Whenever I am anywhere that might possibly carry school shwag, I look around for the little guys. They have been exceedingly elusive. Sports stores, card shops, mall kiosks, no one seems to carry them.

But a few weeks ago, when wandering through a local mall, a brilliant idea struck. It happened when I approached yet another kiosk.

"Excuse me, but do you have the little VT magnets?" I asked the gentleman who was perched on the stool.

"Now what do you want one of those fo'?"


"Cause they gonna steal it. They gonna steal one of those!"

"Who? Who's... um... gonna steal what?"

"Missy, you get one of those magnets and it'll be gone offa yo' car in a week. Yep. Now let me tell you what you should get..."

"Oh, geez. No thanks sir."

"Naw, naw, this'll just take a minute. See, what you need is this here emblem..."

"Really, it's ok," I quipped, walking away quickly enough to probably be deemed rude.

Then it hit me. I know how to get a magnet! Next time I see one on someone's car, I'll just steal it. Thanks for the great idea, sir!


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